DJDM 2021
Rutgers Dance Marathon 2021 DJ Competition

Watch Now
Watch Now

Click the button above to participate in DJDM 2021. Don’t forget to come back here and vote for your favorite DJ! DJDM 2021 will be similar to a Silent Disco where each DJ will be streaming live in a separate box with the ability to have their audio toggled on and off.

Voting for your favorite DJ will enter you into a raffle where 5 participants will win $200 for their individual team raiser.

While mobile devices are supported, for optimal viewing experience please tune in using a device with a larger screen like a laptop or desktop.

Explicit Language Disclaimer

The DJs have been asked to keep the music fun and ‘on-brand’ for Dance Marathon but they have not been asked to play only clean tracks so please keep this in mind before and while watching. Some tracks played by DJs may contain explicit or suggestive lyrics.

Vote For Your Favorite DJ!

Voting closes promptly at 10pm so don't forget to come back here and choose your favorite DJ!

The voting period has concluded. Hope you had a good time!